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Amal K. Mukhopadhyay

Trained as biochemist with a focus on endocrinology and biotechnology, a reputed scientist with long term experience in business development.

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The multifactorial challenges like patent expiry of several blockbusters, increasing pressure from the Government and health insurance bodies on prices, increased R & D expenses with ever narrowing pipeline of new products , faced by the pharmaceutical and health care industry today is forcing the industry to focus on reducing the cost and the time taken by the drug discovery value chain through close collaboration with biotechnological and smaller R & D service companies.

With cost effective and skilled manpower in abundance, strong knowledge in chemistry and life sciences coupled with power in computing, India is proving to be an internationally accepted partner in manufacturing and exporting active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug intermediates, and biologics as well as in biotechnological R&D. Partnership between European and Indian Pharmaceutical companies can accelerate clinical research and reduce overall costs and bottlenecks in clinical data management.

Besides the rapid pace of technological growth, emerging markets and market trends are making cross-border partnerships imperative, also for the white and green sectors of biotechnology.

ELGA Biotech has strong roots both in India and Europe with wide ranging knowledge and expertise in business management, business development, strategic innovation and intellectual property management, financing, R&D and marketing. Let ELGA Biotech serve you by taking care of all your needs in your plans of cross-border partnership for a profitable future.

Diksha Dani  

Diksha Dani
Business Development

A scientist and a business development professional, holding versatile interests. Being additionally trained for intellectual property management, technology transfer and strategic innovation management, Diksha enjoys building collaborative networks and strategic partnerships.

Contact: dd@elgabiotech.com


Petra Stegemann, MA
Business Development & Marketing

Germanist and scientific librarian. Long term experience as Head of a Scientific Library.

Since 2003 self-employed offering services for science and research.

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